About RTR Publishing

RTR Publishing started about 18 years ago as Real Time Computers which was a spin off from my music. Wanting to get my original music on line forced me to learn about PC digital audio recording. So I bought a computer, I turned it into a digital recorder and encoder with custom gear. Fast forward I became somewhat the expert on customizing computers and started to do it for musician friends. Then building and repairing for non-musician friends. Learning to build complex custom setups linked to large varieties of outboard music equipment enabled me to work on professional multimedia projects.

By this time the name was changed to Real Time Records to release my own music and that of others. Then we started getting work from many well know national music companies providing promotions, web-work, graphic design, video encoding, consulting and much more. Before taking a very long hiatus due to circumstances beyond my control.
Now as a writer RTR is a publishing label. RTR is born again as RTR-Publishing which will start as a DIY for anyone we bring on board. We’ll be providing many of the same services. We are very excited to once again be involved in this new evolution of RTR and hope we can create something great.
R Torres


Email: rttowers3@gmail.com





Melanie Cecelia
Organizational Manager,
Consulting, Promotions